SaaS based on The Open Network.

About the project

Platform Inspired by the Turtle


Inspiration from the Turtle

Our values are inspired by the fable of the hare and the tortoise. In the POLYTEND logo, you will see the symbol of resilience and discipline — the turtle. This symbol reminds us of the importance of stability and consistency in achieving goals.



POLYTEND provides a complete set of tools including Digest, Utilities, Pledge NFT, and Vickrey auction. Our product is designed to meet the needs of TON users and offers various features for comfortable and efficient network operation.


These features represent our commitment to providing a comprehensive and user-oriented platform.


Road map

Development statuses will be regularly updated on the website and in our channel. Everyone interested will be able to track the progress of our work and see how the development is progressing.

Status: Technical support


Get a concise summary of the most relevant events happening on The Open Network. We gather important news for you and provide it in a convenient format.

Status: Testing


All you need for analysis. Get information about the most profitable offers, depth of sell orders, participate in auctions, and customize your algorithms.

Status: In progress

Pledge NFT

Take advantage of the opportunity to acquire TON by using your NFTs as collateral. Submit an application through our application to receive a personalized offer.

Status: Gathering application requirements

Vickrey auction

Try a new approach to auctions with classic Vickrey auction mechanics. Get the most honest cost estimates, preventing unnecessary expenses.

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